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What makes “Swiss Made” watches better?

“Swiss made” is a term that is applied to some of the world’s most well-crafted and reliable products. But, what does it mean when it comes to watches? The term "movement" ...

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The History of The Rolex Day-Date

Rolex Day-Date's full name is Oyster Perpetual Day-Date. In 1956, the first Rolex Day-Date was created and lasted ...

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How to start a watch investment?

The pre-owned watch market is booming. While the primary market is expected to grow 1% per year, the growth rate in the ...

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The History of the Cartier Crash

A timepiece that screams ingenuity that sells for more than 6 figures in auctions. Worn by celebrities and artists, an ...

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3 terms in horology you should know!

As a newcomer, coming into the world of horology can sometimes be overwhelming. Especially when it comes to certain ...

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The history of Richard Mille

Most luxury watch brands we know and love had their early beginnings before televisions existed. Some however made ...

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The future of luxury watches

The conversation has been circulating on the subject of the current horology culture. Some are skeptical of the current ...

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