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Time Waits For No One: Except These Exclusive Watch Brands

It’s not a shocker that the watch industry has been through steady growth since its early years. Even after the pandemic came to fruition, watch connoisseurs have proven that the COVID-19 hit ...

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What Makes Patek Philippe Watches so Valuable?

Why are Patek Philippe timepieces so expensive? Seven Factors That Made the Brand Successful  Most people would ...

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What makes “Swiss Made” watches better?

“Swiss made” is a term that is applied to some of the world’s most well-crafted and reliable ...

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Global Luxury Watches are in Dramatically Shortage!

Consumers are being scared off from buying luxury watches by inflation and a slowing economy, but it’s becoming ...

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Watches to buy and sell in a cooling aftermarket

5 Watches to buy and sell in a cooling aftermarket  Overheated secondary markets for new and used watches have ...

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5 Reasons Collectors Love Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe collectors aren't flashy; they don't have to be. That's because Patek Philippe's ...

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Why are quartz watches great?

Thanks to advanced technology combined with a rich horological history for hundreds of years, the timepiece industry ...

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