Sell Your Watch

Prestige Watch provides you with an incredibly fast and safe service to entirely comfortably sell your watches at competitive prices. We can help and regardless of whether you want to sell online or prefer personal appointments in our store.

We will pay you in less than 24 hours. We are proud to offer honest prices and unmatched customer service.


How to get a price for your watch

You will be asked whether or not you have the box and papers (and their state). The state of your watch will be identified. The more detail you give us, the more accurate we can approximate the quality. Just genuine, authenticated watches are available for Prestige Watch. Our experts inspect both products before making a bid to recognize false and stolen goods.

Retain full set

Have the original watch package, sales receipt and all other related documents still in place. This is going to raise the demand for resale.

Protect your watch

A watch is durable, but we also suggest proper storage in order to reduce wear and tear signs. All other factors being the same, a perfect watch condition leads to a better price than the same model, which shows signs of wear.

Serviced the watch

Consult an authorized dealer for recommended dates of service, even if your watch is running well, you’ll want to make sure it stays that way.

Capture a complete picture

The better the picture which including box and documents, the more accurate price we can provide.

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